Letters To Doris

One Woman’s Quest to Help Those With Nowhere Else To Turn

Letters To Doris Cover

Doris Buffett always believed there was a simple way to make the world kinder and more compassionate: by taking the time to listen and learn from others. Doris’ relentless pursuit of providing a hand up to those who had nowhere else to turn was the heart and soul of the Letters Foundation. Her vision sounded so simple: provide people and families who have fallen on hard times with a place to be heard, and to match them with resources to help address whatever challenge they face. In reality, this effort is difficult, sometimes messy, and a constant reminder of the limitations to truly changing someone else’s circumstances. At the same time, the stories contained in this book present a slice of the beautiful, heartwarming, and selfless community that Doris created with the Letters Foundation.

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All proceeds benefit Doris’ Learning by Giving Foundation, dedicated to teaching a new generation of philanthropists and community leaders.

Alex Buffett Rozek

“The amazing thing about the book is that it tells more about my grandmother and what she is all about without actually being about her. Maybe, in some way, this book will inspire people to appreciate the little things they can do to help others get back up when they fall down.”

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