Sharing Letters to Doris With Nonprofits in Our Extended Community

This past month, we hosted two events elevating Letters to Doris, our recently published book featuring 24 grant recipients, who told us their stories and shared how a grant from the Letters Foundation impacted their lives.

First we journeyed to Philadelphia, PA to share Letters to Doris at Impact100 Philadelphia‘s Annual Membership Kickoff. At the event, we connected with women in the Greater Philadelphia area who are enthusiastic philanthropists committed to pooling their collective resources to make a difference in their home community. We were incredibly privileged to present alongside Interim House, a recent grant recipient of Impact100 Philadelphia’s collective giving that empowers women to recover from co-occurring disorders.

Next we travelled to Camden, ME to celebrate Letters to Doris with our friends at Knox County Health Clinic, a volunteer-based nonprofit providing medical and dental assistance to the uninsured and underinsured in Mid-Coast Maine. We understand the critical need for better access to oral health care, and we are grateful to Knox Clinic for addressing this need in their community.

Later this fall, we’ll travel to New York City and the Bay Area to continue to promote the practice of direct philanthropy and to highlight the importance of listening to constituent voice.

Below, representatives of Impact100 Philadelphia, Interim House, and Knox County Health Clinic shared reflections on the two events:

“We were particularly struck by an image about Doris Buffett’s belief that each of us has the ability to be like a pebble thrown across a pond. Thrown with the right timing, at the right angle, heft and loft, a small pebble can create ripple after ripple. We understood after reading Letters to Doris that people who have benefited from Letters Foundation grants have often extended their own kindness by helping others. This struck a chord with many Impact100 members, since we often talk about the ripple effects of our grant-making. We hope not only to provide an infusion of funding to our grantees, but also to attract other supporters to these remarkable organizations devoted to addressing unmet needs among people in the Philadelphia region.”

–Mary Broach (Co-Founder & Communication Chair, Impact100 Philadelphia)

Impact100 Philadelphia engages women in philanthropy and collectively funds high-impact grants to nonprofits in the Philadelphia region. Their goal is to reach under-served populations, raise the profile of lesser-known nonprofits, and highlight unmet needs in the communities they fund.  Through grant-making, Impact 100 invests in nonprofits, partners with them, pays attention to their concerns, and learns about the communities they serve. Learn more about Impact100 Philadelphia here:

Impact100 Philadelphia members at this year’s Annual Membership Kickoff

“I truly enjoyed hearing about Letters Foundation and its connection to Impact100 Philadelphia during the Letters to Doris event. The book is beautifully written and the photography is powerful. We plan to use some of these stories at our program so our women can be exposed to the power of love, the courage it takes to share your story, and the importance of paying it forward.”

Kathy Wellbank (Executive Director, Interim House)

The mission of Interim House is to empower women to recover from co-occurring disorders so they can find purpose and meaning in their lives. Interim House seeks to achieve these goals by providing a range of evidence-based, holistic and trauma informed services to address each woman’s physical, psychological, educational, vocational, familial, social and spiritual needs. Learn more about Interim House here:

From left to right: Amy Kingman, Letters Foundation; Kathy Wellbank, Interim House; Megan Penrose, Interim House; Carolyn Ashburn, Impact100 Philadelphia

“We were thrilled when offered to collaborate on a benefit night for our organization as part of Letters Foundation’s national book tour for Letters to Doris. The Foundation brought meaningful attention to our work, including donating the book sale proceeds from the event to support our mission. To be recognized and to be awarded a challenge grant will help us leverage even more funds to benefit our community. This will heal and change the lives of hundreds of families. ”

Meredith Batley (Executive Director, Knox County Health Clinic)

Knox County Health Clinic is a volunteer based nonprofit advocating for and providing free/low cost medical, dental, prescription assistance, mental health and wellness services to the uninsured and underinsured in Knox County, plus our border towns. Learn more about Knox Clinic here:

Meredith Batley presenting on Knox Clinic’s impact in the Mid-Coast Maine community
Letters Foundation Board Member Noni Campbell sharing insights on Doris Buffett’s approach to giving