We Are Thankful For Our Volunteer Community

At Letters Foundation, we are privileged to work alongside a group of dedicated volunteers who support our work in invaluable ways.  We want to express our gratitude to our volunteers for lending their time and energy every week to help get more grants to people in need.  Our volunteers embody the core values of the Letters program by demonstrating a commitment to collaboration and empathy, and they inspire us daily with their wisdom and humor.

Volunteers work on all aspects of our grants program, from the moment we receive letters to when grants are funded, and everything else in between:

Over the past two years, our volunteers have developed deep connections with each other as they’ve devoted time and energy to our clients. In the last two months alone, volunteers have collectively donated nearly 900 hours to the Foundation. Below, read in their own words how grateful our Operations Volunteers, Letter Readers, Application Specialists, and Researchers are for each other and their volunteering community:

“The word ‘puzzle’ can bring to mind something confusing and unconnected, but once completed it is a beautiful and colorful scene. My experience working with the Letter Readers has been just that. We debate, struggle, strive for the best decision, and in the end feel content with our work in putting the pieces together to achieve the best decision. I truly look forward to every meeting we have, and I love being part of this group. Thank you all for welcoming me in.”  Harriet (Letter Reader)

“I’m so thankful for our Tuesday Ops Team! Working alongside Joyce and Priscilla is always fun and supportive. Thank you for your bond – you brighten my day.”  Lynne (Operations Volunteer)

“I am thankful for the wisdom and knowledge of my fellow Letter Readers. They teach me so much.”  Catherine (Letter Reader)

“I would like to thank Jo Ann for her patience while helping me to learn how to do operations activities. I couldn’t have done it without her assistance. She is also a great aunt, and she is always there to help out her family. I would like to thank Marcia for her genuine humanity. Her dedication to caring for her elderly mother is inspiring.  Working with such kind and caring people makes volunteering even more fulfilling.”  Karen (Operations Volunteer)

“The Letters Foundation volunteers I have met at the annual meetings and trainings have been amazing people. Each brings unique perspective and skills to the table. I’m most grateful for their willingness to share their own stories and offer sincere interest in meeting a new person, their smiles, and great answers to party quiz questions.”  Allison (Researcher)

“Thanks to my fellow Ops peeps for their warmth and sense of humor, their patience in helping to train me, and their unfaltering commitment to help those less fortunate than themselves.”  Anonymous Volunteer

“I am thankful to the young people of the Foundation that give me hope for the future. Your fearlessness and compassion are boundless. Also, to my fellow Letter Readers, who are my new ‘tribe’ at the table. We could generate power with the energy every Thursday afternoon!”  Nell (Letter Reader)

“If you want your dose of happiness for the day, just ask Yvonne about her grandchild and the one on the way.  She’s always willing to share the excitement. Steve is the most patient person I know. I’ve asked him the same question more than once, and each time his response is kind and helpful. Thanks for being there to answer our questions, Steve!”  Ann (Operations Volunteer)

“As I have spent time over the last several weeks chatting with staff and volunteers, I feel so lucky to be in the company of gifted and amazing people.”  Anonymous Volunteer

“I am thankful for my fellow Letter Readers. I am thankful for the grace, genuine care, and joy they bring to this meaningful job. I am especially thankful for their pragmatic compassion, their sense of humor, and sensitivity as they read each letter with the objective of finding a way to be helpful.”  Rita (Letter Reader)

“I am thankful for the training and assistance that my colleagues gave me as the newest member of our team; for our conversations about parenting, family, and what to have for lunch; for our group problem-solving, support of each other, and, most importantly, laughter! I always look forward to Tuesdays!”  Joyce (Operations Volunteer)

“A season of thanks cannot go by for me without mentioning the generous guidance of Jessica. She saw a need and jumped right in, unasked, to help in the best possible way! Ah, and Myra the Mentor, ready with clear, helpful directions, so supportive, accompanied with a dose of levity! The reason I keep plugging away. Many, many thanks!!”  Jean (Application Specialist)

“The Thursday Ops Team and Letters Foundation employees have become trusted colleagues and friends. I am most grateful for their compassion, along with the care and concern they extend to me as I care for my 101-year-old mother. My most sincere thanks to all.” Marcia (Operations Volunteer)

“I really appreciate the bubbly laugh and willingness of one of my fellow volunteers to tackle any problem with optimism and spirit! Lunchtime is always a bit more fun with her stories about travels and dogs. My other fellow volunteer is dedicated and meticulous, and I love how she approaches our work. I hope that I can be as great a grandparent as she is!”  Anonymous Volunteer

“I’ve told friends that, in addition to the meaningfulness of letter reading, I love that I meet with such wonderful people on a weekly basis. I am grateful for this new group of friends and hope that I will know them for years to come.”  Dottie (Letter Reader)

“I am very thankful to the Thursday Ops Team for their hard work, patience, enthusiasm and dedication. Fighting the traffic, looking for a parking space, and all this rain have not dulled the warmth of the office. It’s a pleasure to be here on Thursdays.” Jo Ann (Operations Volunteer)